Automatic Retractable Dog Leash


Walk with your dog freely with more control on your hand with this retractable ribbon leash.

Its release and recoiling system allow the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length accordingly. Adjustable nylon strap leash with metal buckle is durable and rust-resistant.

The inside of the traction is made of stainless steel that can be pulled back in case of an emergency.

Unlike other retractable dog leashes, our flexible leash can be worn on the wrist to keep your hands free for other activities.

Connected to the stainless steel hook it is a piece of reflective wide rope that can be seen in the dark while keeping your dog absolutely comfortable.


  • Solid nylon material is water-resistant
  • A long leash is giving enough room for dog to run comfortably
  • Reflective feature will keep you and your dog safe during the night
  • Soft strap protects your waist that gets less stress
  • Prevents tangles and easy to put it and take off


  • Product Category: Leash
  • Product material: PP material + ABS high-quality nylon
  • Rope length: 3 meters (9ft10")

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