Cool Teddy Mattress for Pets


During the summer the thick hair makes dog uncomfortable and it badly impacts their sleep and leads to disease. This cooling mat will keep your pet cool, comfortable even in the hottest conditions.

It's perfect for older pets who are suffering from joint pain. This soft, puncture-resistant, soothing and cooling mat is a must to make your beloved pet's life awesome during the hot conditions.

It does not require water, freezing or electricity. It contains a non-toxic cooling gel that activates the cooling effects with pressure and the surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

This mat is useful in relieving pain, swelling, discomfort and stress also ideal to regulating pet's body temperature.


  • Cooling gel activates with pressure to provide comforts, no need to freeze or chill
  • Suitable for - all puppies and small breed dogs such as pug, chihuahua
  • Lightweight and folds to fit in cars and beds
  • Can be easily placed in your pet's favorite bed
  • Offers extra comfort for pets with joint pain


XS:20*30CM (7.9*11.8 in)

S:  30*40CM (11.8*15.7 in)

M: 40*50CM (15.7*19.7 in)

L: 50*65CM (19.7*25.6 in)

XL:50*90cm (19.7*35.4 in)

XXL:81*96cm (31.9*37.8 in)

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