Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys


Promote your dog's dental health with this teeth cleaning toy. Chewing this toothbrush stick can be really beneficial for your dog's teeth. 

The unique design will help to clean the teeth and prevent the formation of plaque at the same time massaging their gums when chewing.

Made with 100% natural rubber and durable materials, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly and absolutely safe for your doggy. Added flavor will definitely keep your dog's mouth fresh.

This dog chew toy can build a good chewing habit and it can help to reduce their anxiety, boredom to keep your puppy live happily.

Rigid bristles on the top help to grind away plaque.


  • Safe and durable materials. Bite resistant
  • With a dog paw base, your doggy can hold it on the ground steadily.
  • 360 degree to cleaning bristles allow complete cleaning
  • Fit comfortably in your dog's mouth
  • Added flavor attracts doggy to chew the stick
  • Dogs can take care of their oral health independently


  • S number  [size: 122mm*126mm]
  • M number [size: 126mm*125mm]
  • L number [size: 156mm*155mm]

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