Heavy Duty Metal Clasp Braided Dog Leash


Love to walk with your dog in public places? Then you should definitely have a leash to control and make outdoor activities safe for your doggy.

For this purpose, we bring this perfect braided dog leash for you. It makes it easy to control your big pet and help you to go together wherever you want.

If a dog pulls hard, you and your dog both may hurt. The braided leash is lightweight and makes it comfortable and easy to grip.

Strong nylon material allows you to control your doggy without putting too much effort. The length of the leash is perfect to keep your dog close to you.

Heavy-duty metal clasp combines with the leash provide more comfort and durability.  It is hard to damage and will last long.


  • Braided rope and metal clasp supports pullover 
  • MATERIAL: Nylon braided and metal clasp
  • Strong enough to hold a dog up to 100lb
  • Offers a strong and comfortable grip
  • Great to stop your dog from pulling and train them


  Please allow 2-3cm differences due to manual measurement.  
 Size  Diameter(cm/in)  Lenght(cm/in)
 S  1.5/0.6"  120/47.2"
 M  2.5/0.98"   120/47.2"
 L  3/1.2"   120/47.2"

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