Instant Dog Trainer Leash


Presenting professional dog trainers leash. This reliable and durable instant trainer leash allows you to transform any dog to a perfect walker instantly.

The instant trainer leash uses gentle but firm resistance to discourage your dog from pulling. It attaches to any collar, run down the back, under the hips, and through the loop.

Have complete control over your dog or walk multiple dogs with confidence. No choking or pulling. Go out for a walk with your buddy having more control with this instant trainer leash.

Big and strong this leash teaches your dog to be a great walker for anyone! That's why it is trainer approved. Large,6 ft. (183cm) long for dogs over 30 lbs (13.6kg).


  • Gives you extra strength to control large dogs
  • Helps your dog to respond to recalls
  • Swivel-style bolt strap resists twisting
  • Long leash allows more wandering area to your dog
  • Perfect for dog training, walking, playing, teaching

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