Super Absorbent Pet Bathrobe Towel


Your furry friend will stay snuggly and warm while drying after a bath or a swim. Extra soft and absorbent. Machine washable for easy care.

Just to snuggle or after the bath time, it's the perfect way to keep your doggy dry, warm and snuggly! Now you don't need a big bulky towel any more that just falls off before your little friend is even dry.

Like a poncho just slip this bathrobe over your pet's head when they are wet. It will absorb the water from their body naturally and keep your beloved friend warm after his/her bath.

This vintage bathrobe is very soft and ultra-absorbent. It has much better absorption functionality that helps to absorb the water quickly.


  • This microfibre vintage bathrobe is very convenient to use
  • A high-density dog bathrobe
  • Fast and easy water absorption for your dog
  • Great for dog grooming, dog baths
  • Air dry, no fabric softener or dryer
  • Clarence tested and approved!
  • Made of super-soft fabric


Back length XS: 30cm (11.8" in), S: 40cm (15.7" in), M: 50cm (19.7" in), L: 60cm (23.6" in), XL: 75cm (29.5" in)

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