Winter Dog Denim Jacket


Fall is fashion week in Manhattan, and your dog can be ready to show off this hot new look even when it’s chilly out. This Winter Dog Denim Jacket brings on the cosy with a luxuriously soft, fur lining. The denim outer shell helps protect from the wind chill, with a comfy collar that shields your pet’s sensitive neck area from the wind. Up for a walk around the city? You’ll want to share some selfies—this jacket might just launch your pet into Instalebrity status!


  • Denim outer shell and faux fur lining
  • Help keep pets warm and stylish in chilly weather.
  • Made to keep pets cosy
  • The luxuriously soft faux fur lining
  • Fashion fur-ward design



 Size Back Length (in) Chest Girth (in) Recommended Weight (lbs)
XS 7.9" 11.8" 2.6-3.3lb
S 9.8" 13.7" 4.4lb
M 11.8" 15.7" 5.5-6.6lb
L 13.8" 17.7" 7.7-9.9lb
XL 15.7" 19.7" 11-16.5lb


 Size Back Length (cm) Chest Girth (cm) Recommended Weight (kg)
XS 20 30 1.2-1.5kg
S 25 35 2kg
M 30 40 2.5-3kg
L 35 45 3.5-4.5kg
XL 40 50 5-7.5kg


Size Type of Dog
XXS -> L Small Dogs 
XL -> 5XL Medium Dogs
6XL -> 10XL Large Dogs
FB French Bulldog


If you don't know how to choose the size, please contact our customer support service. 

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